Why do Missing Teeth Needs to be Replaced?

There are many reasons people lose teeth – it could be unhealthy gums, a consequence of smoking or an unfortunate accident. Some teeth are lost due to rotting away and not being treated. The gap they leave is not just a cosmetic problem, it can also cause oral health concerns.

Whilst many people believe that missing teeth are only a concern for their appearance or smile, there are several health risks involved with such large gaps between teeth. These missing teeth were also ‘placeholders’. That means that each tooth keeps their neighbouring teeth in the right position. When a tooth is removed or lost the neighbouring teeth can begin to move- causing crookedness or misalignment. Jaw bone density can also be impacted. Teeth are both what you see on the outside and the underlying root. When this root is gone it affects the surrounding jaw bone.

Can dental implants help?

before-implantFirst things first, what is a dental implant? A dental implant is a fine titanium screw expertly inserted into the jaw bone through minor surgery. Titanium is used because it bonds and strengthens bone – much like the root of your tooth is supposed to.

A dental implant is the substitute for this all important root. The implant often takes a few months to bond to the bone – but after this it is just as good as a healthy and natural tooth root. Then, for the sake of cosmetic appeal, a crown or bridge can be attached to the implanted screw.

If many teeth are missing, then several implants are attached to the jaw bone. After a few months a procedure can be taken to attach a full or partial denture.

Whilst the process may sound complicated it is commonly undertaken in Western medicine and is an innovative and successful way to restore your oral health. Concerned about your missing teeth and looking for a way to improve your smile and ensure your present and future oral health? Look no further! Located across Melbourne, contact Core Dental and let them help you create a better and a more confident you!

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