Weightlifting 101: Choosing the right weight bench

When shopping for a workout bench, the choices amongst the gym equipment market can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many options, how do you choose the right weight bench for YOU? When choosing a workout bench, it’s important to consider whether you want a flat or adjustable weight bench, and also factor in the safety, comfort and production quality of the weight bench. Here are some basic tips for choosing the right weight bench for you:

1. Adjustable benches vs flat benches

There are two types of workout benches: adjustable weight benches and flat benches. Adjustable weight benches can be set to various degrees of incline and decline, allowing you to target different muscle groups in your workouts. Adjustable weight benches are great if you’re looking for maximum variety in your workouts. Flat benches are one of the most common pieces of exercise equipment around. What flat benches lack in flexibility, they make up for in maximised muscle engagement. The flat bench press allows for increased focus on the upper body including triceps and deltoids, making it a better choice if you’re looking for a workout bench specifically for strength training.

Flat bench for weightlifting


2. Check for safety measures

Safety is the number one priority for any piece of exercise equipment. Always check which safety measures your prospective workout bench offers or add some additional safety features of your own.  Adjustable spotter arms are great additions for gym benches as they provide a solid support on which you can rest the barbell if you find you can’t lift the weight. Safety is an even higher priority for individuals planning on exercising alone.

Free weights on adjustable weight bench



3. Comfort is key

Another important factor to consider when choosing a weight bench is comfort. Chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time on this piece of equipment so you’ll thank yourself later for considering your own comfort! Many exercise benches don’t come with any padding or comfort measures whatsoever; these are the weight benches you want to avoid as they can actually cause harm in the long run. Look for gym benches that have ample padding and a vinyl cover for optimal comfort.

incline decline adjustable workout bench


4. Evaluate production quality

Brisbane-based AtomicMass produces all of their gym equipment and fitness accessories right here in Australia. AtomicMass is a great example of high quality production as all of their weight benches are constructed from top quality laser-cut steel, powder coated in Dulux powder for a durable finish and fitted out with comfortable padding and vinyl covering. Their gym benches are also made in Brisbane and each one comes with a lifetime warranty so you know it is super high quality!

AtomicMass weight bench



When shopping for a weight bench for your home or commercial gym, it’s important to consider all of these factors. Choosing a gym bench based on safety, comfort, quality and intended exercises will point you in the right direction and ensure you pick the perfect exercise bench for your needs! If you’re in the market for a new gym bench, Australian-owned AtomicMass has a wide range of adjustable and flat benches and is the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your home and commercial gym equipment needs.

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