Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Home break-ins are frustrating and costly, with precious property stolen, possessions damaged and financial loss incurred. That’s why it is so important to make sure our homes are secured safely, 24/7. Keeping your home protected doesn’t mean spending a fortune, but it does mean taking care and following a few steps to keep up home security.

Lock Up
Number one rule in keeping any home secure is remembering to lockup. Thieves often take advantage of unlocked homes, so remember back doors, windows and any other entrance points that might be unlocked. Consider the types of locks available to protect your home. Padlocks or deadlocks are a popular option for front and back doors. Ask your Melbourne Locksmith about the lock options for your home.

Jewelry and money are the most commonly stolen possessions. If you store large amounts of cash at home, or have expensive jewelry, it is a good idea to consider a safe. A key safe can protect your important and often irreplaceable jewelry. These can be ordered from your  and dynabolted to your wall.

Keep Your Keys Secure
Your keys are the easiest way to get into your home. If you lose keys you should change the locks immediately. You should also change locks when you buy a new home, or if you have previously had tenants. If it appears someone broke into your home through obtaining a set of keys it is essential that you call a locksmith to change the locks.

Make It Difficult
Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity. That’s why you should ensure your house does not look like a good opportunity. If you are going away then ask your neighbours to clear out mail and consider timed lights. You might also consider clearing brush or trees outside your house to take away potential coverage for thieves.

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