Tips for Shopping Furniture Online

Have you ever thought of buying furniture online? There are plenty of retailers who sell their wares through their website or have web-only stores, but shopping for one is a completely different ballgame.

It’s not just about looking for the right piece, but you also need to shop for the right retailer. Look into ones that offers the service and customer care that you’ll need to make sure you’ll get the product you want without hitch.

What should I look for in an online furniture store?

A manutailer, or a retailer who manufactures their own products allowing them to control BOTH quality and production schedule. You’ll end up being happier with the delivery shcedule and the final product.

Are there any shipping and warranty details I should be aware of?

Look into the return policy, it should be the companies’ best foot forward and show their belief in their product.

How can I know what the fabric is really like?

Don’t rely on descriptions or photos, request samples of fabric so you can really touch, feel, and see what the fabric is, just like if you were in a furniture or a fabric store.

What surprises should I look out when considering a piece of furniture?

  • Be aware of where the piece was made of and if that differs from what was advertised.
  • Watch out for low quality materials – A good piece of furniture feels solid and will be worth the money spent.
  • Look into the assembly, as it is a key component to quality furniture and if you know a piece is constructed by a craftsman, then you can be safe to assume that they used better techniques and building materials.

In addition to that, you should look for online retailers who are transparent as possible about the manufacturing and shipping process. If they fail to answer questions to your satisfactions or make themselves unavailable to your queries and look somewhere else.

Source: Charles & Hudson – “Insider Tips for Shopping for Furniture Online”

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