Spruce Up Your Home This Easter With These DIY Tips

Everyone loves a bit of DIY on their home and Easter long weekend is the perfect opportunity to complete some easy, yet fulfilling jobs around the home.

Here are five DIY jobs to easily get your home in tip top condition:

1. Blast away stubborn dirt and grime

You’ll be surprised with how much grime, grease, and dirt can build up on your driveway, house exterior, and deck over the course of the year. Use your free time to give your home a blast with a high pressure cleaner and get rid of stubborn dirt and mould. Work on the driveway, then work your way around the home.

2. Paint your home

Give your home a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. Just make sure that the surface is paint-ready by removing any imperfections with a heat gun, wire brush, or sander. Before applying the paint, mask up window frames or any other areas you want protected with masking tape.

3. Recoat the veranda

After a long summer of lazing outdoors, your deck or veranda might be looking a little tired and worn. Sand it to remove any scratches and apply a few coats of varnish to give it some life.

4. Spruce up the garden

Remove any dead or unwanted branches, feed them into a chipper and then back into the garden. This makes into a brilliant form of mulch to add nutrients your garden needs to withstand the colder months.

5. De-clutter

Spring is not the only time to rid your home or garage of unwanted and unused gear. Load them up in your car or hire a trailer, then make a trip to the local recycling centre to get rid of the junk.

Source: News.com.au Home – “Five DIY jobs perfect for the Easter long weekend”

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