Locked out of your house? Here are 3 easy steps to break in

You’re already running late for work, your children simply refused to get dressed until the last minute or you have so much on your mind you simply can’t fit another thing in. Just as you close the door you remember, you’ve forgotten your keys. There’s no worse feeling than starting off your day and realizing thatyou’re already on the backfoot – you’re locked out. Except perhaps, coming home from a long day and realizing that you’re tired, you’re hungry and you’re locked out.

The majority of homes in Australia are now protected by double barrel locks (also known as dead locks). A fantastic feature for home security, the unfortunate part about them is they are near impossible to pick. So whilst no burglar or home invader is getting in, neither are you any time soon.

Option #1: The Key-Holder

Breaking in to your house can cause a number of issues. First, you might alarm your neighbors or passersby – and that might mean the police. Of course you can always explain that this is your residence, but it causes unnecessary trouble.

That’s why it’s a great idea to have a key-holder who doesn’t live with you –after all they might be out. Consider an older neighbor who tends to stay in or a stay at home mum who will probably be there when you need her, as long as you trust them – a key holder is a great thing to have. Whoever it is should be within walking distance – just in case your car keys are locked inside your house too!

Option #2: Hide and Seek

The trick with hiding your key, or anything valuable really, is simple. Hide it well enough that no one else will find it, but not so well that you won’t either! Your spare key can be hidden somewhere that you and the other residents of your place know about, but that no one else does.

There are two important things to remember if you choose this option. Firstly, don’t hide the key somewhere obvious or expected such as by your front door under a mat or plant. The second is, when retrieving the key, check that no one is watching. Even the best hidey hole doesn’t work if you lead others right to it.

locked-out-of-the-houseOption #3: A Way In

Maybe you have a window high up you accidentally left open. This isn’t the best option, in fact in most cases it’s a pretty terrible option. Unless you have a convenient ladder to climb you might have a hard time getting in. Also, in the name of security, we don’t exactly advocate you leaving windows open. If you can climb in, so can someone else.
So you’re locked out, and you’ve no key holder, hidey hole or convenient open window?

What can you do?

Call us at 03 9699 6811. Luckily your dependable locksmiths are right here in Melbourne to help you get back into your home safely and quickly. Precision Locksmiths are available in all of Melbourne, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

We are the finest emergency locksmiths in Melbourne, so give us a call. We won’t let you down, we’ll just let you in.

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