Keeping your Business Premises Secure

Keeping your business premises secure is essential, for the safety of your property, contents and staff. Depending on your type of business and premises the security steps you will need to take are different, however some measures are appropriate in all cases.

Cash Management
Managing the cash you have on the premises is essential for business security. Large amounts of cash are a tempting prospect for thieves and should be avoided where possible. It is also important to have a safe to keep secure any keys and cash on your premises. Talk to your Laverton locksmiths about safes that can be dynalocked to concrete or brick walls for the ultimate in security.

001Staff Policies on Lock-Up
You should put in place a consistent and smart staff security policy. Try to limit the number of people who have access to your property. This minimises the amount of people who can potentially lose keys. If keys are lost or stolen make sure locks are changed as soon as possible. Your Yarraville locksmiths can change the locks and supply new keys to ensure unlawful entry is not as easy as turning the key.

Emergency Exit Doors
It is of the utmost importance that staff and/or customers can exit your building easily in the case of an emergency or fire. The Building Code of Australia exists to protect people and ensure that it is easy for people to leave safely in an emergency, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t be secured. Speak to your locksmith about how to best achieve both options.

Keeping business premises secure is of the utmost importance for most business owners. Consider creating a business safety plan that covers the security of the premises and contents. Your individual plan will depend on the type of business you have and the premises you are looking to protect.

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