How to Turn Your Bedroom Into an Arcade

arcade-room-001Some people prefers as the most exciting design feature in their home is the contrast between that white and neon chevron throw and your tasteful dove grey couch. Then when they step in their house, they’ll be greeted by a sea of neutral tones.

Just like them, Manhattan resident Chris Kooluris started from those kind of designs, as this used to be his bedroom:


But US$48,000 later, this is his bedroom:


Chris and his home made headlines last June 11 at Property Observer when he revealed his home, which he transformed into a retro home arcade – complete with pinball machines, arcade games, and action figures.

If you are feeling jealous of Chris’ apartment, you could one day live in your own video game arcade.

First, get rid of all that timber on your room. Timber floorboards, desk, cabinet, bedhead – there’s no room for organic materials in a retro style video game arcade.

Next, find your favorite arcade games via the various retro gaming community, craigslist, or you could get someone to make one for you!


Then comes the flooring, Chris chose colourful carpet floor tiles for his home arcade, for the 8-bit vibe.


For some multiplayer fun, you could get a Steet Fighter II themed Dream Home Arcade Pedestal, which plays 25,000 games. And, of course, a television to go with it. Also, don’t forget the decorations, as it will look best when it’s surrounded by video game marquees.


Even the most enthusiastic gamer has basic human needs. For that, there’s a vending machine. It even has fruits in it!


Since you’ve dumped the bed, you need something to sleep on. Chris went for a leather fold out futon, so there’s plenty of room for game play in waking hours.

Any renovation show will tell you that details are everything. There’s Transformers artwork by Tom Whalen, stools, Twin Galaxies logo decal which is apparently drawn up by Chris’ then fiancée) and Street Fighter action figures.

All photos supplied by Chris Kooluris.

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