How to choose the best dental surgeon

When you’re suffering with wisdom teeth pain you need to do something about it. However it can be difficult to find the best Sydney dental surgeon for you.

Here are some ways to do so:

dental-treatmentFamily and Friends

A great way to find a dental clinic is to ask around for a personal recommendation. Ask friends or family members with a similar budget to you about where they sought help for tooth aches. This is a good way to seek help from oral surgeons you know have a few happy customers!

Ask other health professionals

You might be able to ask your doctor or pharmacist of any dentists they know. Often they have personal or professional connections to other medical professionals and can let you know who they recommend. If you’ve just moved to Sydney ask your old dentist if they know of any in the area.


If none of your friends and family have a great recommendation and your doctor doesn’t seem to either – Google can help out. Googling for dentists gives you the benefit of being able to see a little more about their company. It’s a good idea to check any past reviews or testimonials if they are available. You might also need to check what types of dental procedures they offer.

Review your options

Once you have a list of options available you need to narrow them down and make an appointment! So how can you decide who is best? It’s a good idea to see if each dentist is a specialist in a certain area, or what kind of procedures they offer. If your dentist has a comprehensive service it will be easier to see them for any procedures you may need now and in the future.
Another important thing to check is that your dentist is registered with either the Australian Dental Association or the Dental Board of Australia. You can do this by looking at the online register of dentists.

Make an appointment

Making an appointment to discuss your needs with each dentist you have considered can help you find out more about treatment cost, as well as give you a chance to meet the dentist. A consultation without dental work should help you make a decision.

Choosing the best dentist for you is a safeguard for your present and future dental health. Even if you currently need no specific treatment you should begin the search for a dentist – an emergency may crop up. If you want specific treatment, especially wisdom tooth extraction in Sydney, Dr Paulo Pinho is the right man for the job. Contact the practice at 1300 721 184 for more information!

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