Five Ways to Increase Your Leadership Focus

By Sophia Rollins

Being a leader of a small team or a whole company brings all sorts of challenges, from dealing with the nitty gritty of making decisions daily to formulating strategies to take your company to the next level.

That’s why it’s important to stay focused on the vital things which keep the wheels turning and the whole enterprise on track. Here are five things a CEO should stay focused on:

1. Real relationships with your staff

Start your day with interacting with your staff, partners, customers, and with consumers.

As both a leader and a manager, it’s important to establish real relationships and engage with your staff. How well do you know your staff, their families, what really motivates and inspires them?

Having a connection with them and maintaning a level of openness and transparencies enables real relationships. After all, you’re a caretaker in terms of your leadership of people, teams and business, and you want to ensure you grow and develop the team while you’re leading them and that your relationships with those team members transcends your current role.

50% of employees have admitted they would leave their current job if they had the opportunity to being better recognized elsewhere.

2. Check your data daily

Start your day with a review of the previous day’s figures. This is important to understand how the week, month, quarter, and the year is really looking. Anecdotal evicende is simply not sufficient in business today, and without being able to grasp the date you have little else.

Expect your team to do the same to, and find that a shared sense of where you are as a company, as it leads to a far more productive team and business, and a more fulfilling work experience.

3. Absolute accountability

You must focus on the most important things and ensure your team has total accountability. While this is a common mantra, it is one which is often easier said than done. Too often the focus is on less important pieces of the business and we get too involved in areas where your team are more than capable (and it is their role) to make a decision or take an action.

Accountability will enable the team to learn how to fail (fast) and develop their skills along the way. While there are times where you may need to lend your expertise, try where possible to enable explicit accountability as it will help achieve a more scalable and successful business, and your team will be far more motivated, passionate and productive.

Understanding what needs to be achieved to reach a goal is important but ensuring that adequate accountability is in place is paramount.

4. Eat what you made

Love your product. You must know your product and everything that made it what it is – always!

There’s no excuse for you or your team members to not know your company’s product in detail. If you feel good about your product, your consumers and customers will as well, which is great for business. You’ll be your own harshest critic and ensure you to continue to move in a direction away from mediocrity.

5. Enjoy yourself

You must enjoy yourself and get the most out of work and business as you spend the majority of your daylight hours at work. Enjoyment in the role will also increase your team’s motivation and, ultimately, the success of the business.

At the same time, you need to maintain a work-life balance – this work-life balance obviously differs by person – and at the end of the day, family and extra-curricular activities keep your life in balance. These are things to be encouraged and promoted in the workplace rather than things to be guilty about.

The article originally appeared at Smart Company.

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