Don’t Think You Need a Personal Trainer? Think Again!

By Sophia Rollins

It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting warmer and springtime outfits don’t cover that extra winter padding as well as big wooly jumpers do. It’s easy to let summer creep up on you when you’ve been meaning to shed the extra helpings of cake you had to eat to go with those hot cups of tea.

But enough excuses! Don’t wait until the summer heat is forcing you to show unwanted flab, get the body you want now. Everyone wants abs of steel like Superman or Beyonce’s Bootylicious behind but it’s a hard thing to do on your own. When working out, a lot of people usually stop when they get a bit tired or when that muscle burn kicks in.


If pushing yourself is a problem or if you barely seem to break a sweat when you workout then perhaps you need someone to help you get into gear. South Pacific Health Clubs have a range of personal trainers to suit everyone.

If you’re someone who likes to workout during your lunch break then one of the trainers at South Pacific Health Club’s Melbourne city location are perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for strengthening and conditioning, intensity workouts or working towards a fitter you, the city trainers have you covered.

Lucky enough to live or work in St Kilda? Then be lucky enough to train there too. The St Kilda Personal Trainers are skilled in everything from crossfit, tabata workouts, sports training, muscle building, weight loss and so much more. Get bikini ready in no time.

If you’ve got a goal to achieve, whether it’s weight loss or muscle gains the trainers at South Pacific Health Club’s Port Melbourne location can motivate you to go above and beyond what you thought you could do. If you have trouble with endurance, flexibility or strength there’s the right trainer to get you looking and feeling great.

To be there best version of yourself sometimes you need a little help to motivate you to achieve those goals. In South Pacific Health Club’s Williamstown location the trainers are highly qualified in everything from rehabilitation to body sculpting and nutrition.

For a complete body transformation, the personal trainers at the Nunawading club are ready to get you into shape. With a trainer to suit any fitness level, you’re in excellent hands at South Pacific Health Clubs.

If your fitness goals seem like they’re taking longer and longer to achieve, you could need a helping hand to get you there faster. The trainers at the East Malvern club are ready to help no matter what your goals are. If you want to shed a few kilos, do suitable pre and post natal exercise or build muscle, there is a trainer for every need.

Getting a personal trainer means your fitness goals are in great hands. Get the body you want faster and learn skills that will help you maintain fitness for life.

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