Digital Locks: Are They Right For Your Business?

Digital technology has helped all businesses become more efficient, cost effective and advanced. That’s why now many businesses are implementing electronic door locks to keep their business up to date in the area of security. There are many different types of electronic door locks, suitable for different security needs. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why so many businesses are making the switch.


No Physical Key
Physical keys are easy to lose, have stolen or simply leave behind. This poses not only a security risk but a major inconvenience when you need to enter a building or locked space. Digital locks eliminate all these risks. The lack of traditional key means that you can’t leave it behind, lock yourself out or have your key stolen from you. Your Hoppers Crossing locksmiths will still be on call to help you with any problems you may encounter, but you can be safe in the knowledge that you can’t lock yourself out ever again!

Controlled Access
For many business controlled access is extremely important. As staff come and go and the use of spaces change, who does and doesn’t need keys often changes. That’s why digital locks are so important. You can simply change the code or delete the code given to those who no longer need it. This also removes the concern of duplicated keys. With many locks you can also provide levels of access. Your Wyndham Valley locksmith can provide you with more information on the levels of access available with different locks.

Easy ‘Re-Key’
Re-keying is essential for security with traditional locks. However with digital locks you can easily change the passcode whenever you feel concerned about security. Re-programming a keypad is easy and can provide instant exclusive security.

Many digital locks have the option of being able to see who entered a space and when. This leads to greater accountability when security is breached and provides a general sense of greater security. Ask your South Melbourne locksmiths about the vast range of digital locks available for businesses.

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