A Dust-Free House in 10 Minutes or Less

Do you have a guest coming up at a short notice and your house looks like a dump? Is your house full of dust and you haven not more than 10 minutes to dust your home and make it look clean? You don’t need to panic in such situations as you can actually clean the house and dust your home in a few minutes.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are the first thing that is visible from home. To dust your home, start from the mats. Quickly just use a duster or a wet rag and rub it over the entrance mat. Also, do not forget to clean the area under it.

Clean the living room

For quick dusting of your home, you should immediately start with dusting the living room. The furniture and accessories must be cleaned and dusted quickly. Use a dry cloth or mop for this purpose. The living room furniture and accessories cleaning must not take more than a couple of minutes.

Change the curtains

Changing youg curtains will make the house look fresh and clean in minutes. The freshly washed and clean curtain with give a fresh look to the house. If there’s no enough time to change the curtains, then you should dust the old ones properly. Let the curtains and other furnishings too look clean.

Close the doors and windows

Once you’ve cleaned all your house, it is time to prevent any further dust from coming inside. You must close down all the doors and windows of the house. Dust your home doors and windows to make them look fresh and clean, as this does not take much time.

Sweep the floor

This is the last thing you’re supposed to do. After dusting and cleaning the furniture, furnishings, tables, and doors, the floor will get dusty eventually. Clean it up by sweeping it, then mop it if you have some spare time left before your guests arrive.

Just make sure to clean yourself up too. You don’t want to look tired, sweaty, and dirty after cleaning up the house.

Source: Bold Sky – “Tips To Dust Your Home In 10 Minutes”

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